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Friday, March 1, 2013

    Style Models

    1) The Stun Expert 3.5 Thousand Current Conventional Style Create Stun Weapons are a item new, super slim design with a mean chew. They are about the dimension a little electric razor and fit perfectly in little hands. They also have a flash light method. They are available in 8 different prints: Flower, Blue Lighting style, Green Super, Creature Create, Camouflage, Forests, Light red and Snakeskin Create. Cost: $25.95

      2) 3.5 Thousand Current Slimline
    The Slimline stun gun has a built-in nickel-cadmium standard rechargeable battery power and comes with an simple to use incorporated battery power charger. Also has a flash light method for dual purpose use. Cost: $25.95

      3) Lip stick Stun Gun
    The 950,000 Current Conventional Stun Gun with flash light is the tiniest style in the marketplace. It designed to look like a pipe of lipstick. This impressive design and little dimension creates this design unique and super convenient. Whether you're holding an large bag or an evening clutch i465 black, this system goes wherever you go. Also has a limiting pin. If it is taken away from you, the hand band pin will take out, which stops it from working. Cost: $28.95

       4) The Runt
    A traditional stun system. No alarm systems or whistles, lighting or alarm systems. Just 4.5 million v of amazing energy. Durable technology creates this one of the lengthiest enduring stun guns in the marketplace. It is available in pink and dark and in an ordinary battery power or standard rechargeable design. Cost: Conventional - $39.95 Conventional - $49.95

       5) Concealed Flashlight Stun Gun
    Keeping a flash light useful is always a wise decision. Having an ordinary rechargeable flash light is an even better concept. This standard rechargeable system comes with an ordinary battery power charger and an adaptor for your car so you never have to fear about buying new battery power. Also has 2.5 million v of zapping energy. Cost: $35.00

       6) Stun Expert Classic 350K Volt
    Stun Expert has been a major item in the stun gun industry since 1994 making it a true symbol in the world of self-defense. This type of success for so many years in a aggressive field is the best suggestions any item could be given. Like the Runt, this design has no specs, but performs exceptionally well at generating a efficient voltage that will incapacitate your adversary. Cost: $35.00

       7) Conventional Stun Gun Pen
    1.2 million v. Has a protection cap and change to avoid random launch. You must eliminate the cap, turn the change to on and press the induce key. It is about the dimension a long lasting marking. Although it has no writing abilities, this design is easily nestled into a clothing or wallet. Cost: $39.95

       8) S.M.A.C.K. 5 Thousand Current Key Sequence Stun Gun
    For a long period the most well-known non-lethal self-defense item in the marketplace has been the key chain spice up apply. What made it so well-known is that a person can protect themselves when they are most susceptible to being assaulted - while they are going to their car. This stun system is about the same dimension as a key chain spice up apply. Has a designed in battery power charger so you never have to fear about getting new battery power. Also has a flash light method. It is available in pink and dark. Cost: $45.00

       9) Small Stun Baton
    One of the main issues about holding a stun gun is that it can be used against you if your adversary gets ahold of it. The Stun Expert 4.5 Thousand Current Small Stun Baton comes with an ordinary rechargeable battery power, LED Flashlight, Safety Switch and Safety Wrist Strap Pull Pin. Its little dimension enables you to carry in a handbag or handwear cover section. A plastic quick launch holster is also available. Cost: $45.00

      10) Stun Baton
    Because of their energy and reach, the stun batons are a favorite among security officers and dog hikers. With 300K v of energy, the baton will also provide a surprise when moved six inches wide from the tip, to avoid an adversary from taking it away. Rubberized handle. 16″ in length. Price $49.00


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