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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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I've been running into a lot of great look books lately and the SS/2013 Look Book from Eometrie is no exception. Inspired by her travels, designer Emily Sullivan, has created a jewelry line  that echoes the colors and patterns she finds abroad. The look book was shot on 35mm film by Emily herself, and styled by the lovely Kate of Na Nin Vintage. Check out the full look book here and shop here.
 photo tumblr_mjiyjmlwrs1s8n76uo1_1280_zps53db915e.jpg photo tumblr_mjiyuylW5k1s8n76uo1_1280_zpsbf84f43f.jpg photo tumblr_mjiyozP4GQ1s8n76uo1_1280_zpsd4549c9c.jpg photo tumblr_mjiz58dcWP1s8n76uo1_1280_zps0a80587d.jpg photo tumblr_mjiz1yXAiO1s8n76uo1_1280_zpsed7beba7.jpg photo tumblr_mjiyloIC5H1s8n76uo1_1280_zps949eacd9.jpg
Models: Kennedy Holmes and Lauren Fink


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