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Sunday, March 10, 2013

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The "Saturday Evening Live" Five-Timers Team is an unique event, consisting of some of the best events and visitor serving, like Alec Baldwin, Bob Martin and Tom Hanks.

Saturday night, Bieber Timberlake signed with the club, and three - plus much more - on the side to enjoy the "SNL" brought out superstar prevent visitors to support Timberlake in what is one best event of this period.

Timberlake's speech began, an unique entry into the club remember 1990 unique draw serve, served Baldwin, Martin, Hanks, Candice Bergen, John Simon, Martin Brief Pursuit and Chevrolet, as well as an unique participant throws Dan Akron as a bartender. Discuss studded start - if you are into the stars, of course.

For a variety of persistent, JT has discussed his character, and he lost no time in displaying their periods. "This is a time frame," the title of the display activity Invoice Hander as varieties, presented Timberlake and Andrew Sandberg former participant throws a too-90-R & B-to-word friends who designed the poetry of music technology with the "Dick in a Box , "" Motherlover "and more during the previous period. But wait - there's more! The duo was in the middle of Martin and Dan Aykroyd, repeating their duties as Festrunk Bros., which, of course, two crazy people and crazy in search of the "United states big breasts." Items for Fall "DuckTales", too.

One interesting then, Timberlake returned as too eager, walking / dancing / singing / rap billboard for anything 'ville' is at the moment. This year? Veganville, Bobby Moynihan will resist both Bakeries. Of course, there is a parody of "Ice Ice Baby" ("Brown wheat, baby"), "We Found Love" ("... in a place without meat) and more, but the" Harlem Shake "bit (" Drink shakes vegetarian ") requires the dessert (egg-free!).

The episode served cold from the overall look unusual with different views, Timberlake, Elton David enjoys doing the recall of Venezuela Hugo Chavez dropped CEO. Covered in luxurious red sequined cover, JT did a parody of the hit John "Candle in Breeze." This is not the beginning he represented famous musicians, well, Timberlake doubt musicians in 2002 for his movie "Never Stop This practice there anymore," and has been connected to David Elton possible biopic.

Also of observe in the Timberlake: slightly as the official judge in "Justice Maine" persistent skit, Samberg presents as directly in the Maine court apparently did not know where Maine is. Moreover, it also: Roman Emperor Caligula (he had sex with a pig) and adult superstar ough VIPenis.

And of course, music. Children Associated with the help of Mr. JT coupled with cause "Experience 20/20" individual "Suit and Tie," regular edition filled-out (at least, compared to his bedroom studio version) presented at the Jay-Z rap, no one outside usual. That, of course, the show suit-and-tie from Timberlake to help players, and JT is an expert showman, prancing about level with Hova in tow. By the way: the lyrics to "dirt so sick / Got hit and won a habit" has been modified slightly to "strike me so sick / Got impressive artists do." Kanye diss, mayhaps? You be judge.


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