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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our new intern at work is always dressing like she's heading to the beach instead of heading to the office - short tube dresses, spaghetti strapped tank tops, mini bandage skirts (paired with tank tops - oy! i'm having a heart attck!) and flip flops (oy!). Yes, we are a startup and yes we are in sunny Singapore, but c'mon! Who will ever take you seriously if you come into the office with your boobs and butt hanging out? Her questionable dressing choices even led one of my co-workers to exclaim "Can you please ask her to put some clothes on?!"

So here are some business casual must-haves that are still casual and fun but appropriate. 


Internship by style-irl
From L to R: Denim vest is a casual layering option that can take tank tops and tube dresses from the beach to the office; pencil skirt - swap out the super short bandage skirt and opt for this figure hugging pencil cut with a fun colorful print; oversized white shirt - cause every girl needs one in her closet; tailored shorts - I'm no prude, show some skin if you must but keep the look tailored and appropriate - this pair of shorts is so business casual; flats - pick a pair that is versatile enough to go with skinny jeans or skirt; loose simple tee - paired with jeans or under a denim vest is so simple and easy; finally, pullover in cat print - to keep things fun and young.

There are a lot of cool ways we can dress up for work without being ~too corporate and maintaining our personality. The most important rule is that we dress appropriately.



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