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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Info Post
It's hard to believe that it has been one year this month since Andrew opened his studio/shop- Selah. We have met some amazing people through the space- from locals that  come in to check it out to travelers visiting from Germany, Australia, the US etc. It's always fun to hear an American accent walk through the door- we immediately feel like a little piece of home has come to visit us. I married a dreamer and while I admit that sometimes his dreams overwhelm (stress) me, I'm proud of him for following his dream and making it work so beautifully. Happy Birthday Selah! 
 photo andrew-breitenberg-selah-26-1-of-1_zpscb1b6bba.jpg photo andrew-breitenberg-selah-8-1-of-1_zps5a1a7c3e.jpg photo andrew-breitenberg-selah-18-1-of-1_zpsaa4463a9.jpg  photo andrew-breitenberg-selah-38-1-of-1_zps21fa42a5.jpg photo andrew-breitenberg-selah-19-1-of-1_zpsdd127f5a.jpg photo andrew-breitenberg-selah-1-of-1_zps8f3eb4d8.jpg  photo andrew-breitenberg-selah-9-1-of-1_zps27dad484.jpg photo andrew-breitenberg-selah-5-1-of-1_zps48dd7d0e.jpg All pictures taken from an interview Andrew did with itswhatiminto. See the interview here.


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