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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In 2007 a box containing 30,000 rolls of undeveloped film, prints and negatives by an unknown photographer were auctioned off and purchased for $350.  After seeing the images the buyer quickly purchased another box of the same, totaling over 100,000 negatives, images, audio tapes, interviews and undeveloped film. The photography was the work of a New York City nanny, Vivian Maier, who photographed prolifically for over forty years but never exhibited her work. Maiers photograph's have now been turned into a book and documentary titled "Finding Vivian Maier."  The documentary looks fascinating- check it out!
 photo 54-102_zpsa28fcda6.jpg photo 56-738_zps63f60278.jpg photo 53-43_zps8fae6314.jpg photo 56-305_zps3adedce4.jpg photo 59-567_zps88985cc7.jpg


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