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Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Gone are the days when the words 'plus size' meant a range of clothes that were made out of unfashionable fabrics and shaped like tents. Although the media constantly gives us pictures of skinny shapeless models we can also now see shapely models that have curves and are dressed in well made and stylish outfits.

Designers and manufacturers have made life much more interesting for women in the fashion world. The sizes now made have no connection with the standard sizes we have been used to for many years. The sizes have been altered to make clothes larger but purchasers then think they are in a smaller size than they actually are. This is modern marketing but for the customers it means that for each range of clothes you need to establish just what size you are.

Fortunately the whole approach by the fashion world has changed, plus size clothes are no longer made from frumpy materials but are the latest in modern fabrics. They are cut in an attractive way to make every figure look stylish and well dressed.

Today whether for business or casual wear plus style clothing is designed to make the most of your shape and the selections available are colourful and trendy. Larger ladies are actively encouraged to make the most of their bodies with designs cut to enhance shape rather than just cover it.

With this new abundance of plus style ranges you might still be wondering just what to purchase to make the most of your frame. There are some guidelines that might be helpful but the best method is to try clothes on and see if you like how you look.

The standard guidance that dark colours are slimming still holds, but many ladies do not want to dress in the darker shades and prefer to go for brighter colours and patterns. If you do decide to stick with the darker shades then add some extra touches of colour, perhaps a scarf or belt and colourful jewellery can make a statement.

A further development in plus size clothing is the addition of slimming panels that are built into the outfit. A material like spandex fitted into trousers, dresses or skirts help to slim down those areas that we perhaps feel need a bit of attention. The availability of control top panty hose has been a great development and help slim tummy, thighs and bottoms. Separate slimming garments can be purchased that you may feel enhance the outfit that you have bought. All these fashion items help us to feel good, if we want a streamlined effect then all one colour is good but can be dull, the addition of a contrast t-shirt or blouse can really set an outfit alight.

No longer do you have to try to get into an outfit that doesn't fit, clothes are now more comfortable and fit where they should. It is a great step forward to be able to be stylish and comfortable as well as looking elegant and modern. The ranges of clothes are out there just waiting for you to decide on your style and the look that you want.


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